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Indicate your Size e.g. 2T ,4T, 10 ,12, 14 ,16 ,18.


Measure from the fullest part of your bust ,keeping the tape loose for Comfort and wearing a bra for appropriate Measurement.


Measure around your natural waist line , keeping the tape Slightly loose as to fit a finger, for Comfort.


Measure around the fullest part of your hip about 8 inches below your waist.

Around Upper Arm

Measure the fullest part of your upper arm above the elbow (for Short Sleeve )

Sleeve Length

Measure from tip of Shoulder to desired Sleeve length , for long sleeve up to wrist and to any other preferred Sleeve length ,for Short Sleeve measure with your arm Slightly bent.

Right Shoulder to Left Shoulder - Back

Measure from the tip of your left Shoulder across the top of your upper neckline to the tip of your right Shoulder at your back .

Dress Length

Measure from top of Shoulder over the fullest part of your bust to desired length which could be below the knee or above the Knee .


Measure From top of head to floor without Shoes e.g. 6’2” .

Shoulder To Empire Waist

Measure from top of Shoulder over the fullest part of the bust to the base of the bust (This is mostly used for Pregnant Female dresses or dresses with empire waist line )

Around The Abdomen

Measure around the fullest Part of the abdomen keeping the tape Slightly loose for Comfort (for Pregnant female )

Around The Empire Waist

Measure around your empire waist ( for pregnant female )


Lay Pant flat and measure along the inside leg seam from Crotch to bottom of leg (for pant only).

Base Of The Head

Measure the round base of the head to fit , but not tight or too loose to Cause discomfort , this Measurement is used for making a hat .

Shirt Length

Top of Shoulder to desired Shirt length.



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