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Italian Fashion For Ladies

These high quality european products are made with precision,they are long lasting, geniune and worth everything spent on them. Genuine is hard to find but we got it.

Italian Fashion For Men

This European Sophisticated blend of genuine Leather products is original, Long lasting and worth spending on. Products of great designers, Vera cuoio, Cerruti, and much more.


This unique fashion Jewelry set comes in different designs,some are antique designed which are rare to find.This is sold as a set with necklace,bangles or bracelets, earrings and rings, and some others with earrings and bangles only,the set component varies.

Clutch Bag / Shoe Set has variety of clothing accessories that meets each customers dressing needs. These ranges from Shoes, Bags,Hats,Head ties,and others.


May's fashion store has variety of fabrics to choose from, these fabrics are from different parts of the world, and are worn by people of different ethnicity. Some of these fabrics are from Africa, Asia,europe,and middle east to mention a few. These fabrics range from laces,Kente, Asoke,George,Akwaete, and wax print of different kinds, all of these has their unique designs that makes the customer want to come back to the us. The prices are affordable, and the fabrics are sold in 5yards or 10yards.

Italian Shoe For Kids

Italian Kids leather shoe for both boys and girls.Smart and superior quality.

African Attire

African attire, this consists of clothing attires predominantely worn by Africans or Negros in general, but not restricted to a particular tribe or race. A beautiful accessory or attire can be appreciated by anyone, as such don't hesitate to buy it if you like what you see.Some of these products are made locally and others imported around the world, but often worn by a race as a native attire.

Head Ties

Maysfashionstore has variety of colors and designs of headtie. This gives the customer choices to choose from, and are affordable






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