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Welcome to May’s fashion store, here you will view a variety of clothing designs and fabrics. You can choose what you want to wear and make it uniquely yours.


Our Mission is to bring multi Cultural Attire including African and western design closer to people all over the world, so that they can get the feel of other cultural/tradition attire or fashion and the western wear to those who cherish those casual and authentic designs from variety of countries and designers.

Our Aim

At May’s fashion store we sell products that are affordable to all budgets. We ensure quality products and good customer service. We sell adults and kids clothes, shoes and much more.

Our fashion style ranges Known designer fashion clothing and accessories such as Shoes, bags, belts, and Jeweleries from  various parts of Europe and the united states. Not forgetting other cultural attires that gives us a huge blend of Cultures to identify with and learn about. Such  fashion trends ranges from West African native attires such as Buba and Iro, Kaftan, Kente fabric designs, Asoke and others.

Other Accessories

There are some other items that could act as an embellishment to the attire these include Asoke, Kente, Head ties , Hats, jewelries, etc.

Fabrics used mostly for African designs are:

Asoke:These Fabrics are locally woven on a loom usually made in the western part of Nigeria, this fabric is used as an embellishment to iro and buba when worn.

Akwaete: These are also locally loom woven fabric in the Eastern part of Nigeria and are usually worn as a wrapskirt, headwrap or blouse.

Kente: These Fabrics are also locally woven on a loom made in Ghana, West Africa. They are used in similar way as Asoke and Akwaete, except that each design has a unique meaning associated with it.

Laces:These could be local or imported fabrics which may be 100% cotton or 50% polyester and 50% cotton and occasional mixed with spandex. The laces come in a variety of designs and may be used for Iro and Buba, kaftans, blouses, long skirt and blouse, as well as for children’s wear.

Batik: These are designs made on fabrics using dye and candle wax this makes beautiful designs, this fabric is used mostly for gowns,Boo-boo, skirt blouse and kaftans etc. these are locally made.

Tie and Dye: The name says it all, beautiful designs are made using the tie and dye technique and they are made locally.

Brocade: These fabric is imported and are usually 100% cotton mostly used for kaftans and similar wears in Africa.

Linen: These fabrics could be plain cotton or in combination with polyester used for variety of purposes in African designs

George Fabric: These are imported Fabrics could be made of polyester, cotton , silk or combination of both these fabrics, it comes with its own unique embroidery/designs some are beaded needs special care as some fabrics, this is worn predominantly in the eastern parts of Nigeria.

Intorica: Similar to George but with less designs and embroidery.

Velvet: This fabric is designed mostly with Animal pattern is sometimes used for blouses and skirt but is predominantly used in the eastern part of Nigeria for men’s traditional attire or Regalia, mainly used for the top only.

African Wax: These fabric has an outstanding designs with various patterns They are fabrics with African designs which most times has meaning, in other words people wear them some times in expression of their emotions e g certain designs of these fabrics are worn in bereavement, Festivals, wedding Ceremony, styles that could be made from these fabrics are unlimited examples of variety of wax print includes Deutch Wax, Hollandais, Nichem wax, and so on.

Woodin: Is a popular wax print that is originally made in cote de' voire and recently produced by Ghana. This fabric comes in various patterns as in the regular african wax print.



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